COVID-19 Statement for SFC

Siteman Flow Cytometry (SFC) first phase operations reduction

SFC is open with significant limitations.  SFC is requesting voluntary experiment volume reduction from our clients for all services based on the following priorities of acceptance:

-clinical trial experiments, involving scheduled patient harvest

-progressed time course serial experiments that would suffer from interruption

-experiments involving rare or unique model organisms or conditions that could face extinction or elimination if delayed.

-experiments subject to grant or publication timing

SFC understands the existing or potential closure of other flow cores, but cannot bear the added utilization of any of our services, and will continue to abide by the cancer center priority for cancer center members who have been trained by SFC, in addition to the priorities listed above.

Itemized changes:

-On-site staffing is reduced to 1 FTE/day, rotating amongst 3, with the balance of staff working from home in email scheduling, tech support and administrative roles.

-Cell sorting will now require to be drop off and pick up, with no users allowed in the cell sorting operations area.  Parameter, gating and recovery requirements must be given to the sorter operator with no less than 30 minutes notice prior to session.

-Up to 6 hours per day will be offered for staff operated cell sorting, on one instrument per day, with no ability to switch cell sorters within a day.  The cell sorter chosen by SFC for a given day will depend on the amount of requests that are instrument specific and the ability to accommodate with only one operator.  Bear in mind that some experiments may not be able to be performed on a preferred cell sorter.

-Self-service analysis is restricted to users trained by our facility on our assets, and regretfully training is not currently being offered to new users.  Again, staff support will be at a minimum, so respectful cleaning and self-reliance is now a requirement.  We also politely ask that consumables from outside the core that are normally disposed of in SFC be returned to your lab for disposal, which includes microtiter plates, expended test tubes, foil, and excess samples/reagents.

-Self-service cell sorting is becoming restricted to known highly proficient users that have proven self-reliance and stewardship, again due to limited staff support.

-Analysis of data acquired by instruments outside of our core cannot be performed on our analysis workstations or the data stored on SFC server/storage systems.

Questions are welcome by email at Operations may be reduced further.