Siteman Advantage Neuro-Oncology

Fact: The Siteman Cancer Center is the only National Cancer Institute-designated Comprehensive Cancer Center in Missouri and is ranked among the top cancer facilities in the nation by U.S. News & World Report.

What this means to you: They provide a full range of cancer diagnosis and treatment options led by specialists at the top of their field, many involved in leading-edge research on novel therapies.

Fact: Siteman has one of the largest volume and long-standing expertise in intraoperative MRI for optimal resection of glioma brain tumors

What this means to you: Surgeons are more likely to get your entire tumor resected the first time.

Fact: Siteman pioneered the development of genomic testing for personalized, targeted brain tumor treatment. Treatment is targeted to the genetic components of the tumor.

What this means to you: Knowing the genetic make-up of your tumor yields important information about which treatments may be more effective and what won’t work, sparing needless complications.

Fact: Multidisciplinary care teams at Siteman provide nationally recognized expertise in diagnosis and treatment of your cancer.

What this means to you: In short, your doctors talk to each other, face-to-face, on a weekly basis and plan the right care for you and your specific cancer.

Fact: Siteman has the most clinical trials in the region, and our treatment teams frequent recommend a promising trial as a first-line treatment.

What this means to you: The standard of care at a research hospital is often clinical trials, meaning you get treatments not otherwise available.

Fact: Siteman leads the way in using immunotherapy and vaccines for brain tumors.

What this means to you: Immunotherapies stimulate your body’s own natural defenses to fight cancer growth.

Fact: Novel combinations of chemotherapy, radiation and surgery are being used to effectively treat certain cancers.

What this means to you: A laser that can treat tumors normally not accessible can also break down the blood-brain barrier, allowing targeted chemotherapies to treat any remaining cancer cells.

Fact: Our surgeons balance resection of the tumor with preserving post-operative brain function.

What this means to you: That may mean that you are awake for part of your procedure so your surgeon knows he is staying away from key functional areas.

Fact: The ViewRay™ MRI-guided radiation therapy system is a breakthrough technology initially developed here and combines radiation treatments with a continuous magnetic resonance imaging system.

What this means to you: By using MRI to help guide radiation therapy treatments in real time, your team can see where the radiation dose is being delivered and if subtle changes are occurring to the tumor or surrounding tissue, adjusting dosage as needed.

Fact: Washington University School of Medicine offered the first Gamma Knife technology in Missouri. More than 3,400 patients have been treated at the Washington University Gamma Knife Center.

What this means to you: In some instances, it represents an alternative form of treatment that may be equivalent to an open neurosurgical procedure. Because it is generally performed on an outpatient basis, it is cost-efficient, preventing lengthy hospital stays, expensive medications, and long-term rehabilitation.

Fact: Siteman’s Proton Therapy Center is the only one in Missouri and the surrounding area. It delivers a precise dose of radiation to the correct depth and in the correct shape.

What this means to you: It’s ideal for patients with tumors near sensitive structures such as the eyes, brain or spinal cord. You get radiation where you need it and much less where you don’t.